Final day promotion from Coach Mark


Last day of camp nears!

Summer Dreamers 2020 and our Cyber Swim Camp comes to a close in early August. But, these lessons are going to live on for you to share with others in the weeks to come. 

Hopefully we get to see everyone at the swim pool for a Saturday Swim School events in the weeks or months to come. We often get a pool permit from Pittsburgh Public Schools and use the pool at Allegheny Middle School or else Oliver, both are on the Northside and are easy for everyone in Pittsburgh to find and get to.

Mark Selfie

Coach Mark

Dreamers Artwork - hands

The Summer Dreamers were able to leave a lasting impression with Coach Mark.

SDA Mural

We hope that SKWIM & Water Polo can be a bridge for the students. Hopefully, they have been touched by the lessons, messages and stories. Building a bridge to the future of wellness and safety for the students and their circle of friends and families takes experiences and awareness with perspectives. Let's get to year-round sports participation, more swimming on Saturdays, becoming lifeguards and playing well with others.

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