Swim to the island. Open water swim in Senegal.


Open water swim in Senegal

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Hundreds swim to former Senegal slave island in annual race
Dakar to Goree:

Why hundreds of people are swimming to a former slave island in Senegal.

by Nicolas Haque

Hundreds of swimmers have been taking part in a race between the Senegalese capital, Dakar and Goree Island.

But it's no ordinary competition. It involves swimming five kilometres to a former slave port, where Africans were once sold and shipped off to slavery in the Americas. The race is a tribute to slavery's victims who remained defiant and tried to swim, often in chains, for freedom.

Al Jazeera's Nicolas Haque reports from Dakar.

Gary McGee posted on Facebook

I have had the pleasure of visiting Senegal, Africa. During my visit I took the boat ride from Senegal to Goree Island.

One of the most AMAZING thing I saw during the boat ride to Goree Island was the Young African Kids (9, 10, 11, 12+ YOA) who swim in open Ocean from Senegal to Goree Island. That's 1.2 miles of open ocean swimming.

They visit and enjoy seeing the tourist from all over the world. After a day on the island, the kids swim the 1.2 miles back home.

NO Lifeguards, NO Safety Boat, NO Floatation device.

So I don't want Anybody telling me "BLACKS CAN'T SWIM" we have always been able to swim, right up to the moment we were denied access to swimming pools. One more thing: Stop that stupid myth, that Slave Ship had "NETS" around the Deck to prevent the Slaves from jumping over board and committing suicide. The "NETS" were put around the Slave Ship to prevent the Slaves from jumping over board and SWIMMING BACK TO SHORE (when in sight of land).

Swim Often, Swim Safely, and have Fun.

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