Two short stories of water from a retired teacher, Leo Rauterkus


Audrey and Leo, full image

Leo, a retired teacher.

Water in the trunk, a short story.

Jack and the boat, a short story.

Leo and Geri Ann

Geri Ann with her father, Leo, in the swim pool in 2019. Leo swam at the senior home to the age of 89, up to weeks before his passing.

Leo Rauterkus shared these stories in the summer of 2020 with the cyber swim camp students. In November of 2020, sadly, after an emergency surgery and short illness, he "swam to the other side."

Leo was swimming up to two weeks prior to his death. He'd swim his laps in the indoor pool in the senior home for 45-minutes, with the snorkel, four times a week.

Read about Leo's life in the obituary

Leo is the father of Mark, organizer of this site. Geri Ann is Mark's sister.

Geri Ann tells two stories in this collection as well. Her stories were the favorites of the students in our 2020 camp.

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