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People are wondering what they could do and work to turn the tides of racial injustice. Here is a call to help, like a drop in the ocean.

Could you help to get the word out of this project that is going to serve city students this summer in a swim camp under the weight of a global pandemic?

I would love for this invite of participation to be sent out to all the readers of SwimSwam and others associated with the aquatics community. 


We teach inner-city students and families swimming, SKWIM, water polo and lifeguarding -- and our best outreach happens with after-school programs, summer camps and our gratis Saturday Swim School. In 2020, we are stepping up to lead a CYBER SWIM CAMP for 4th & 5th grade students (summer school) for one hour a day for 27 days WITHOUT a swim pool nor any in-person meetings due to COVID-19. 

My hope and challenge is to widen perspectives with STORIES. 

Our understanding of swimming and its benefits isn't shared among these kids. Stories can accomplish a shift in awareness and build an affinity to the water. Of course water safety is important, but this venture aims to be positive so as to NOT pile on with extra fears, rules and threats. 

Let's plant seed this summer with these stories so that when the pools do open, and when the youngsters get aquatic opportunities, they say, "I know that. I'm open to that. Perhaps, I can do that." That's what I hope to accomplish this summer. 

Seeking stories of water.

Tales about swimming, triathlons, and anything else with a connection to water are most welcome as we've got a summer without swimming pools with the city kids in Pittsburgh Public Schools. HOWEVER, there is still going to be a SUMMER CAMP, in a virtual setting. 

We get to teach SWIMMING from my computer to kids in their living rooms. Go figure. Help.

Every day, I want to have an entertaining "story time" at the camp. Your five minute story (approximate length) can be included within our 27 days of activities. Let's pre-record them ASAP.

Think of your story, craft a simple script, then share it with the record button pressed on your mobile phone. Prop up the phone, speak loudly, save it, and email it to Mark@Rauterkus.com. No need for slides, lessons, lecture -- just raw story with beginning, middle, end and super-quick on the introduction. 

If you have cool photos, they can be put on a web page that supports the story. Fine, But that is NOT necessary. Simple. Examples: https://S6.CLOH.org/category/story/

I don't want to get all political nor philosophical in this call to participate as to why this is important.

But, I'm happy to talk to anyone, any time. And, the outcomes are going to be shared for others to use and deploy.

Thanks for the consideration.

We gathered 60 stories by the end of our Cyber Swim Camp, thanks to your help.

Progress Reports

  • On July 5, 2020, 35 stories were ready to share.
  • July 27, 47 stories were in the collection.
  • August 6, 57 stories.
  • August, 12, 60 stories.

Cyber swim camp, Summer Dreamers 2020

In the summer of 2020, we could not go to the pool nor even gather in person. Camp still occurred, from June 29, 2020 to August 5, 2020. We huddled for 27 days with Microsoft Teams on computers and cell phones.

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