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Explore and enjoy our collection of more than 150 stories about water.

Each story builds valuable perspectives about water safety and awareness.
Mark talking to Summer Dreamers at U-Prep before heading to the swim pool

Addressing summer school students at PPS U-Prep, before going to the pool, in a by-gone summer. Things are different in 2020 and 2021. You get to join and speak to our kids in a recorded story.

Help with Story Time at our Cyber Swim Camp

Due to the global pandemic, meeting in person and going swimming at our summer camp with Pittsburgh Public School didn't happen. Help came from many sources so as to provide our city kids, grades 4 and 5, a quality experience with water via computer screens.

In the summer of 2020, more than thirty stories of water were collected.

Camp happened for for 1-hour a day for 27 days, June to August, 2020.

Since camp ended, up-beat, enlightening, straight-forward stories with a water component has continued.

If you have a story to share, we'd love to include it in this collection.

The Water Is My Sky - film - splash

The Water Is My Sky – film

The film is NOW AVAILABLE to stream!Use this link below to rent the film. those who plan to watch, here are instructions from Eventive on how to enhance your viewing experience! 

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SDA Mural

Scrap stuff about submarines Pittsburgh has a WWII submarine at the Science Center. It is

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Otter hops in boat off coast of Alaska to avoid being eaten

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SDA Mural

Dolphins on the beach

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Boat sank and cook trapped for 3 days

Underwater for 3 days

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Kayaker in ramp launch

On ramp for the lake makes launching easier

New boat launch at the lake!

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ESPN feature on Solomon Kindley

NFL Guard for Dolphins champions message of learning to swim

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Learning to Sail, a Father and Son story from The Moth

Learning to Sailby Jamie TrowbridgeJamie Trowbridge learns a couple of lessons from his

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Nan Hauser on The Ellen show

Whale whisperer interview with Ellen

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Greenland Shark

The water is a great setting for the oldest among us! Greenland Sharks

Article at Earth

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Natalie, artistic routine, solo, 8-year-old

Artistic Swimming Solo from 8-year-old who has had 40 broken bones throughout her life

If you need a little inspiration, look no further than this solo

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Docuseries about swimming in Australia

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Coach Ralph Erickson and PADI founder

Ralph of Chicago, PADI’s founder

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Presentation Mindmap

Presentation Skills and MindMaps

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currents in Lake Michigan


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Global News Podcast logo

Drone cameras record social life of Killer Whales from the BBC

Show from BBC Show from BBC on Loom Another BBC segment: Ancient,

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mythos art design


Everyone has a story to share

Stories are a part of our daily lives as human beings.If we

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Cape Cod Times splash of whale

Whale of a tale. Eaten alive off of Cape Cod!

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Pelican on the Pier

Three Epic Water Bird Rescues: Heron, Ospry, Pelican

Page contains three stories, all with a common theme. 

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Turtle, Beach, Rescue splash cover

Turtle, Beach, Rescue

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Dog rescued from ice by icebreaker

Dog rescued at sea from Russian Icebreaker Ship

YouTube story

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SDA Mural

Swim for an hour to shore and summon help for dad and sister at age 7

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Officer Anthony at the beach

A day at the beach with Officer Anthony

Pensacola Police Department released this story on FacebookLast Sunday, while you were

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Zane, surfer and rescue made while board is lost

Zane, surfer rescue

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SDA Mural

Killer Whales love the livers!

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TV News reports on dog's attempt to swim across the lake

Dog tries to swim across the bay to get back home.

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From Armenia

Armenian swimmer, Shavarsh Karapetyan

John Moore shared on FB and SCIEG:In 1976, Shavarsh Karapetyan, an Armenian

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Driving a truck and trailer in reverse

Getting the boat into the water and off of the trailer. humor, 3:44 in length.Source: Charlie Berens5 Stages of Launching a Boat

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Splash new film coming

Lifesaving Super Hero Animation coming soon

This will be interesting.

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SDA Mural

Messing About On the River (poem)

When the weather is fine you know it's the timeFor messin' about

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Jimmy Buffett splash

Slack Tide, song by Jimmy Buffett

Lesson:Slack waterWhere does Jimmy Buffett reside?Can you research a link to add

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Summer Dreamers before the Liberty Mile
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