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Teaching water safety without a swimming pool happens here, at

Explore and enjoy our collection of more than 150 stories about water.

Each story builds valuable perspectives about water safety and awareness.
Mark talking to Summer Dreamers at U-Prep before heading to the swim pool

Addressing summer school students at PPS U-Prep, before going to the pool, in a by-gone summer. Things are different in 2020 and 2021. You get to join and speak to our kids in a recorded story.

Help with Story Time at our Cyber Swim Camp

Due to the global pandemic, meeting in person and going swimming at our summer camp with Pittsburgh Public School didn't happen. Help came from many sources so as to provide our city kids, grades 4 and 5, a quality experience with water via computer screens.

In the summer of 2020, more than thirty stories of water were collected.

Camp happened for for 1-hour a day for 27 days, June to August, 2020.

Since camp ended, up-beat, enlightening, straight-forward stories with a water component has continued.

If you have a story to share, we'd love to include it in this collection.

The Water Is My Sky - film - splash

The Water Is My Sky – film

The film is NOW AVAILABLE to stream!Use this link below to rent the film. those who plan to watch, here are instructions from Eventive on how to enhance your viewing experience! 

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Penny Taylor of St. Louis, an Olympian in 1948

A Glimpse of Swimming History Through the Eyes of 1948 Olympian Penny

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Kate McLaughlin's story

Katie McLaughlin’s swimming career didn’t go as planned.

Read of Kate's storyCoverage in SwimSwam

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Underwater Volcano, Pacific Ocean, 2022

A birp from the Earth

When this happens, can you name two results?Take a guess.Think about it. The

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Different Strokes TV show of girl on swim team

Classic Rewind from TV show: Joining the swim team and finding a place for yourself

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NYT review on FB

NY Times: Stories, Dangerous of the article:NY Times article by Timothy Snyder on Dec. 30, 2021THE

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NBC Today Show interview with Matthew McConaughey

Stories, family, scuba diving in chocolate — shifts in priorities with Matthew

So much to unpack in this interview with actor, Matthew McConaughey, especially

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Nipper runs on beach

Nipper’s first rescue

Up-and-coming Far North Coast Branch Nipper, Jack Keough says he “didn’t want

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Fina TV splash

Worst thing to happen to top competitive swimmers

Tour and interview with a few swimmers on the world stage with

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UK divers on the platform

Men’s syncro, 10-meter platform diving, Olympic Finals with UK and China’s final dives

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Two 8-year-old girls walk to the outdoor pool in 1965 (Story from The Moth)

Kathi Kinnear HillKathi Kinear Hill grew up in Portland, OR, having been

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USA Diving’s FIRST Black female National Champion and the FIRST ever Black U.S. Diver to qualify for the @fina World Championships.

New National Champion! Let’s research her story!

USA Diving is at Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatic Center announced in December 2021, from

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Glen, fisherman in Canada's Fogo Island

Fogo Island in Canada, a feature on CBS 60 Minutes

But a thriving fishery isn't always enough to keep the kids around.An

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Lake Erie Came Alive photo splash

Liquid Mountains: Photos from the day Lake Erie came alive

These photos are crazy -- amazing -- inspiring -- beyond words. Check

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Pull the permit sign flashed from a kayak on a lake

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Rivers of PA graphic for nominees in 2021

River of the Year, and a vote!

Monongahela RiverThree Rivers Waterkeeper (3RWK)’s mission is to protect the water quality of

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Miley from Australia

Hannah Miley’s swim career

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RadioLab logo

Pacific Ocean encounter with friends

Radio Lab is a wonderful, 1-hour radio podcast with high production valueThis

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9 books

Author of many books, Sean’s motivation

Sean Conway, author of many booksMy contribution to the literary world thus

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Global News Podcast logo

Row across the Atlantic Ocean, from the BBC

Click to play Original Podcast

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Water battle between moose and wolf

Hunting. Survival of fittest in the water.

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Forever chemicals in drinking water?

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Giant fish story on TV into museum

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SDA Mural

Teammates jump into action. Gone limp. Not playing around.

Fort Lauderdale High Swim Team Honored For Saving Teammate

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Fear on Cap Cod as the sharks have returned from NY Times Sunday Read

Audio version:Print version:

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Life jacket required to swim, humor

Here to do a little swimming, but life jackets are required!

Source of the video is unknown. Do you know? Attribution desired.

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Summer Dreamers before the Liberty Mile
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