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Explore and enjoy our collection of more than 150 stories about water.

Each story builds valuable perspectives about water safety and awareness.
Mark talking to Summer Dreamers at U-Prep before heading to the swim pool

Addressing summer school students at PPS U-Prep, before going to the pool, in a by-gone summer. Things are different in 2020 and 2021. You get to join and speak to our kids in a recorded story.

Help with Story Time at our Cyber Swim Camp

Due to the global pandemic, meeting in person and going swimming at our summer camp with Pittsburgh Public School didn't happen. Help came from many sources so as to provide our city kids, grades 4 and 5, a quality experience with water via computer screens.

In the summer of 2020, more than thirty stories of water were collected.

Camp happened for for 1-hour a day for 27 days, June to August, 2020.

Since camp ended, up-beat, enlightening, straight-forward stories with a water component has continued.

If you have a story to share, we'd love to include it in this collection.

The Water Is My Sky - film - splash

The Water Is My Sky – film

The film is NOW AVAILABLE to stream!Use this link below to rent the film. those who plan to watch, here are instructions from Eventive on how to enhance your viewing experience! 

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St. X water polo player inspiration

Inspirational water polo player from St. X High School gets news coverage

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Presentation Mindmap

This is how to change the mind of another.

“What evidence would you need to see to change your mind?”The honest

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Crabs from ocean to diners

Crabs, from ocean to plates

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Susan H dives in a cave and a bat flies into the camera frame.

Susan’s trip and a swim in the Bat Cave

#rawWe'll get more details in the weeks to come, after her return

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Tom Daley, diver

Tom Daley, Diver from GB

Tom DaleyWikipedia

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SDA Mural

Rescue at the beach of 2 girls

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Jet Board

Jet Board demo

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Cross Lake Michigan in leaky boat, news clip

Lifeguards row their leaking wooden boat across Lake Michigan

Chris Serb is with Bret Renaud and John Gladych.Leone Beach lifeguards are just…different. Chris Serb posted

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Lewis Pugh swims among icebergs

Lewis Pugh swims among icebergs

Some photos

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water on TED talk

Problem with TED Talks from Bob B

Source: www.bly.comTED says its mission statement is to "spread ideas."Their website states:

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SDA Mural


Navy Seal Training

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Fishing from pier and catching a giant grouper

Fishing from the pier and catching a grouper takes about 10 minutes.

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Rick Charles, High diver

Rick Charles, super high diver movie, Life as a professional high diver.Meet Molly Carlson by way

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Linda P tells of Chester's pool entry

When Pots Could Talk (parable)

Dave, a friend on the book of faces, shared this story.It includes

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Why large ships don't sink in bad weather

How ships don’t sink (often) in storms. Engineering

Video, 6-minutes, 17-seconds.

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Mirror covers icy swimming

Icy water swimmer at the South Pole

Cath Pendleton holding a slab of ice at a swim spot.Record-breaking ice

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Harbor Seal face from TAL

Seals and Humans mingle on the beach, This American Life podcast. When the Beast Comes Marching In.

This American Life, August 8, 2021 American Life is a weekly public

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Removed more than 300 hooks from sharks

Removing fish hooks from sharks

Bonus story:

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Whale and encounter with scientist

Humpback encounter

Whale Saves Scientist’s LifeWhale protects scientist from dangerous shark - Watch Video

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SDA Mural

Hungry Killer Whales and elusive seals

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AUS diver

Life as an Olympic diver, Australian style story of how the entry works on dives.The Rip!A great entry

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SDA Mural

Scrap stuff about submarines Pittsburgh has a WWII submarine at the Science Center. It is

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Otter hops in boat off coast of Alaska to avoid being eaten

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SDA Mural

Dolphins on the beach

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Boat sank and cook trapped for 3 days

Underwater for 3 days

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Kayaker in ramp launch

On ramp for the lake makes launching easier

New boat launch at the lake!

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ESPN feature on Solomon Kindley

NFL Guard for Dolphins champions message of learning to swim

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Learning to Sail, a Father and Son story from The Moth

Learning to Sailby Jamie TrowbridgeJamie Trowbridge learns a couple of lessons from his

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Nan Hauser on The Ellen show

Whale whisperer interview with Ellen

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Greenland Shark

The water is a great setting for the oldest among us! Greenland Sharks

Article at Earth

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Summer Dreamers before the Liberty Mile
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