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Appointments to Committee for Regional Arts Education Day 2020

Coach Mark Rauterkus, founder of S6 and, has been chosen to serve on a regional committee that represents a diversity of art forms and roles to help with the Regional Arts Education Day, a professional development group for teachers of the arts. 



  • identify potential presenters
  • promote RAED (Pittsburgh's Regional Arts Education Day) 
  • engage in an initial brainstorming session (in-person meeting, webinar, or asynchronous work using an online platform)
  • review presenter proposals
  • volunteer on the day of the event, February 17, 2020

Committee members:

  • Marlon Fullenwider- artist; educator at The Warhol Museum, Propel Schools + many other places! (visual arts)
  • Ceci Ebitz – artist; educator at Manchester Craftsman’s Guild (visual arts)
  • Linda Turner – retired teacher at West Mifflin School District (physical education and dance)
  • Mark Rauterkus – educator and coach (physical education)
  • Aubrey Ploesch – performing arts coordinator at Pittsburgh Public Schools (music)
  • Lisa Belczyk – director of learning programs at Pittsburgh Symphony (music

Director of Programs:

  • Jamie Kasper (she/her)
  • Arts Education Collaborative
  • Three Gateway Center
  • 401 Liberty Avenue, Suite 1965, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
  • Twitter: @ArtsEdCollab

Save the date: February 17, 2020

  • Be there!