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Teaching water safety without a swimming pool happens at

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Explore and enjoy our collection of nearly 200 stories about water.

Each story builds valuable perspectives about water safety and awareness.
Mark talking to Summer Dreamers at U-Prep before heading to the swim pool

Addressing summer school students at PPS U-Prep, before going to the pool, in a by-gone summer. Things are different in 2020 and 2021. You get to join and speak to our kids in a recorded story.

Help with Story Time at our Cyber Swim Camp

Due to the global pandemic, meeting in person and going swimming at our summer camp with Pittsburgh Public School didn't happen. Help came from many sources so as to provide our city kids, grades 4 and 5, a quality experience with water via computer screens.

In the summer of 2020, more than thirty stories of water were collected.

Camp happened for for 1-hour a day for 27 days, June to August, 2020.

Since camp ended, up-beat, enlightening, straight-forward stories with a water component has continued.

If you have a story to share, we'd love to include it in this collection.

The Water Is My Sky - film - splash

The Water Is My Sky – film

The film is NOW AVAILABLE to stream!Use this link below to rent the film. those who plan to watch, here are instructions from Eventive on how to enhance your viewing experience! 

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SDA Mural

Brother save’s sister in FL shark attack

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Vindication Swim splash

Vindication Swim (film)

The Life and Times of Mercedes Gleitze Featured in Vindication SwimRelsah Films

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Push Past Impossible splash

Push Past Impossible (book)

Book page at Open Water Swimming site

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SDA Mural

Lake Mead’s water level is going lower and lower

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x-foil surf board

Got $5K for a fun surf board — waves not a factor

Inventive new foil surf board from Indigogo

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SDA Mural

Free dive and ice. Ugh. Don’t try this at home.

Meet the Filmmaker Who Free-Dives Under Ice | CBC News

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Story of culture and history

Story of culture and history

Animation from the Canadian Latinx Theatre Artist Coalition, packed with vocabulary, history,

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Mark R headshot

Promotion for #LoomStorytellingWeek — our use of a wonderful tool to help story telling about swimming

I’ve put in to teach a mini-course at the end of the

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Sea Otters

Sea Otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium – CBS Saturday Morning

Fuzzy Climate Warriors Concepts: 1) The sea otters at the aquarium help

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SDA Mural

Gig racing at Isles of Scilly

One continuing legacy of the isles' past is gig racing, wherein fast

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SDA Mural

Man tells harrowing survival story “after being washed away” by Tonga tsunami

Aid started to arrive in Tonga, five days after a massive underwater

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Helm of discovery ship

Epic tale of survival, re-discovered after 107 years. Frigid story of The Endurance

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Who Inherits the Waves splash

Who Inherits the Waves, 1-hour presentation from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution @ diversity

This presentation is about a hour in length.

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John Mahn, from Rivers of Steel

Meet John Mahn, Jr., on the fish and game commission and avid person of water

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Boater fell into ocean and swam for 5 hours to an oil rig with the aid of boosting of seal

Boater who fell into the ocean off Santa Barbara coast swam FIVE

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Global News Podcast logo

The Ocean’s Greatest Hits. GLOUBS = global library of underwater biological sounds

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SDA Mural

Love is the Water that Wears Down the Rock (song by Mindy Simmons)

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Mindy Simmons and Coach Mark in Sarasota, Florida

Aint Florida Neat (song from a dear departed friend, Mindy Simmons)

Can't talk about Florida without talking about water!Song by our dear, departed

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Aim, HON

Peter’s real story starts on a dark and stormy night in a port in Canada, as a 15-year old arriving from Italy

Not much water in this story, other than the arrival by ship.We

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Great Lakes forming

Creation of The Great Lakes – How the Earth was made.

Educational VideoLength: 45-minutesHistory Channel

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Chasing the Sublime, splash screen

The Outdoor Swimming Society – Chasing the Sublime (film)

We met at the river. Our thing is discovery. Video's length: 6:40.

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Production quality, ticketed audience with talented presenters and musical acts.

S6 can host planning, organizing, work meetings.

Heavy lifting with discussions on society and current events with plenty of research and future-looking decision making.

Summer Dreamers before the Liberty Mile
  1. Send us your story.
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  4. We'll invite you to interact with our campers by way of a Microsoft Teams conference call.

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