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Some stories are short. Others are epic. We want all types. 

  • Other stories are better suited for high-school students, parents and guardians.
  • Music should be a part of this collection in due time too.

Outline of Post
Pacific Ocean encounter with friends
Row across the Atlantic Ocean, from the BBC
Water battle between moose and wolf
Giant fish story on TV into museum
Fear on Cap Cod as the sharks have returned from NY Times Sunday Read
Here to do a little swimming, but life jackets are required!
Michael, Row The Boat Ashore (song) by Pete Seeger
It’s Raining Fish, in Utah
Inspirational water polo player from St. X High School gets news coverage
Crabs, from ocean to plates
Tom Daley, Diver from GB
Rescue at the beach of 2 girls
Lifeguards row their leaking wooden boat across Lake Michigan
Lewis Pugh swims among icebergs
Fishing from the pier and catching a grouper
Rick Charles, super high diver
When Pots Could Talk (parable)
How ships don’t sink (often) in storms. Engineering
Icy water swimmer at the South Pole
Seals and Humans mingle on the beach, This American Life podcast. When the Beast Comes Marching In.
Removing fish hooks from sharks
Humpback encounter
Life as an Olympic diver, Australian style
Otter hops in boat off coast of Alaska to avoid being eaten
Underwater for 3 days
On ramp for the lake makes launching easier
NFL Guard for Dolphins champions message of learning to swim
Learning to Sail, a Father and Son story from The Moth
Whale whisperer interview with Ellen
The water is a great setting for the oldest among us! Greenland Sharks
Artistic Swimming Solo from 8-year-old who has had 40 broken bones throughout her life
Ralph of Chicago, PADI’s founder
Drone cameras record social life of Killer Whales from the BBC
Whale of a tale. Eaten alive off of Cape Cod!
Three Epic Water Bird Rescues: Heron, Ospry, Pelican
Turtle, Beach, Rescue
Dog rescued at sea from Russian Icebreaker Ship
Swim for an hour to shore and summon help for dad and sister at age 7
A day at the beach with Officer Anthony
Zane, surfer rescue
Killer Whales love the livers!
Dog tries to swim across the bay to get back home.
Armenian swimmer, Shavarsh Karapetyan
Getting the boat into the water and off of the trailer.
Olympic Committee won’t grant an independent status to swimmer so he won’t go!
Women’s Synchro 10-meter diving – scores among three teams
Get a rare look into the Los Angeles Aqueduct as city plans water recycling
Earth Day post. Water is a part of this story.
The Most Deadly Lake in the World
Columbia to Florida
Tides, moon, sun, Greece Island
Swim Ireland, poetry
Swimming while black in the UK and a new film
Attacking octopus in Western Australia
UCLA water polo player
Baltimore and Nigerian swimmer, Philip
Story collection from Special Olympics
US Coast Guard shoots at shark as crews take a swim. Unicorn’s fate uncertain.
The River Never Ends by Dave Nachmanoff
Duluth surfer saves man and dog in March
WVU swimmer, Abigail, stayed close to home for college and majors in PR
Ireland, Learn-to-swim.
Texas A&M swimmer, patience pays off
Danielle’s story of her swimming career.
Flush and discover! Early detection and science after the loo.
More water than the sum of all the oceans on Earth!
Walk down memory lane from Jay O’Neil in his journey with water polo.
Superior Shredding, photos by Nick
Sarah Sjöström’s 100 Fly Race Strategy, winning gold with a world record at the Olympics
Started swimming at age 48.
Against The Tides — an attempt at the Oceans 7 in a single year!
The True Story of Eric “The Eel” Moussambani at Sydney 2000 Olympics
Dara: Once Upon a Comeback (film)
Three time member of Team USA, and an IRONMAN finisher
Super Bowl advertisement from Toyota – and Unsinkable
Snow is water. Winter sport, safety, avalanche off of a roof!
Swimming with Chris Rock
Katie’s early swimming experiences from WSJ
Train like a monk. Run on water. Boiling water and a few other jaw dropping feats — reported.

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