Surf, cliff, rescue


Jim Grant posted FB in the Aquatic Directors page

Tonight at Sunset Cliffs two young girls got into serious truble in the hi surf at sunset at the arch ...or Pappys Point the two guys in red and blue dove in and saved them....lifeguards and other first responders arrived and took one girl away in the LG skiff and the other they winched out with the rescue truck....A big thank you to the guys who help and all the Lifeguards , SDPD and Firemen....Not sure about the condition of the girl taken away by the skiff....The girls mother was overcome with emotion when the two guys who saved her daughters came back to the cliffs after the rescue.

That’s positive?

Dumb tourists jump into the ocean during a big swell causing our lifeguards to expose themselves to whatever they are exhaling and that’s positive? Please.

Drone above a couple

Drone captures couple on the beach near the surf.

Beware of the photo bomb

Beware of the photo bombs in the back of wedding photos at the beach.

Bride and groom in waves

Photo shoot on wedding day goes badly

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Summer Dreamers before the Liberty Mile
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